The Best Way To Rock a Hat This Spring and Summer

The Best Way To Rock a Hat This Spring and Summer
The Best Way To Rock a Hat This Spring and Summer

Hats are making a comeback these days and there is no better place than outdoor events like the Calgary Stampede to rock your favourite hat!

As spring unfolds and summer approaches so does the many events, fesivals and rodeos that are available to attend.

With hats of all types making a big comeback it is time to think about what types of hats you will need for this years events lineup. You may have already noticed the large number of hat wearers at events over the last few years and may have already been thinking about this.

At outdoor events such as festivals or rodeos hats can serve many purposes such as keeping you cool, protecting you from the sun… and of course looking great. So while you can look very stylish while protecting yourself from the sun you may want to give some thought to what type of hat would suit you and how best to rock them at an event.

  • Cowboy Hats: Obviously the hat of choice for an event like the Calgary Stampede but cowboy hats with their wide brims help protect you from the sun and elements. Both straw and the classic fur felt look great with black always being the most popular color.
  • Fedora Hats: The fedora is the most popular of hats and most people probably already own one. They’re trendy, they’re hot and stylish and absolutely perfect for an event or festival. Just like cowboy hats they are available in straw and felt with straw being more practical for the hot days and felt for the cool evenings.
  • Floppy Hats: A classic for the ladies when the temperatures heat up a floppy wide brim hat is one of the best ways to stay cool and look stylish at the same time.
  • Panama Hat: The classic panama a personal favorite of mine and is perfect for a day out in the sun while looking great. Panama hats are light-colored, lightweight, and breathable.
  • Bucket Hat: For that urban flow the Bucket hat always does the trick! When choosing the perfect bucket hat for a festival, monochrome is super slick and prints are also a fun option.
  • Baseball Caps: Well I had to mention the most popular of men’s hats. The baseball cap has actually gone through so many eras of fashion and keeps changing every season. You can rock this hat with anything from shorts to casual beach pants and flip flops.

Whatever hat you decide to rock this spring and summer, I am sure you will look fantastic!

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