Men's Hat Chart

Different Types of Hats have always been in fashion and there are many types to choose from.

From the very American Stetson to the British bowler and everything in between, there are many styles designed to fit any occasion. Whether for a stroll or for a posh party, hats can top off any outfit.


A beanie is also known as a knit cap, skully or stocking cap. Whatever you call it, a beanie is a popular choice in hats in the winter.


A beret is a round hat that is usually made of soft wool.

Boonie Hat

A boonie hat normally features camouflage print fabric and has a stiff, wide brim.

Bowler Hat

The bowler hat is also known as a “derby” in the United States.

Bucket Hat

Gilligan isn’t the only one who wears a bucket hat. Bucket hats are popular among men and women as a casual hat that offers sun protection.


You probably have seen the capuchon hat worn at Mardi Gras. This party hat is decorated using vibrant colors, designs and textures.

Cloche Hat

Popular in the 1920s, the cloche hat has become fashionable again in recent years.

Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is a fashionable and functional hat. Many men and women wear cowboy or western hats on a regular basis.


You may associate the fedora with Indiana Jones or gangsters. However, these soft felt hats are a popular choice among many men.


A fez is a hat that is the shape of an abridged cone. Of Greek origins, this hat is not commonly worn today.

Floppy Hat

Floppy hats are classic accessories that have wide brims, offering you maximum protection from the sun.

Newsboy Cap

Newsboy caps, also known as baker boy caps, were popular around the turn of the century. They have made a return back into style in recent years.

Panama Hat

The Panama hat is traditionally made using the Toquilla straw plant.

Porkpie Hat

The porkpie hat is part of the classic attire of American jazz and blues musicians. It has a short, indented top and sometimes has a band.

Top Hat

Abraham Lincoln was the first American to popularize the top hat and it later became popular among many men in the 19th and early 20th century.

Trapper Hat

A trapper hat is a type of winter accessory that provides extra warmth with a fur interior and ear flaps.

Trilby Hat

Celebrities from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake have popularized the trilby hat in modern times.