the vibrant world of hat colors

From cowboy hats to fedoras, discover the most popular and trending hat colors that could be the perfect finish to your ensemble.

Dive into the fascinating world of hat colors with us!

From classic cowboy hats to stylish fedoras, we’re exploring the most in-demand and trending hat colors that can add the perfect final touch to your ensemble.

Are you aiming to seamlessly match your outfit, or do you prefer to stand out in a crowd? Our comprehensive color chart for hat colors serves as your ultimate guide. Start exploring now and find the hat color that truly embodies your personal style!

These are not only our custom hat colors but the most popular hat colors in general.

Custom Hat Colors


Black is a color signifying depth, mystery, and often associated with elegance and formality.


Charcoal grey is a dark, almost black shade of grey, reminiscent of the color of burnt wood.


Granite is a light color, ranging from white to pinkish grey, often speckled with black or brown


Chocolate is a rich, deep brown color that resembles the hue of dark, melted cocoa.


Pecan is a warm, medium-brown shade reminiscent of the rich, nutty hue of a pecan shell.


Whisky is a warm, mid-brown shade, inspired by the rich tones found in whisky.


Natural is a light cream or beige color. Note: Natural is only Available in 20x & 100x


Sahara is a warm, sandy beige hat color that evokes images of the vast, sunlit deserts.


Bone is a light, creamy white color, often compared to the shade of an animal bone.


Silver-Belly is a light, shimmering shade that resembles the color of polished silver.