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Top Hat Choices for Stylish Comfort in Autumn

Navigating autumn's chill in style requires the perfect blend of fashion and comfort. Our curated [...]

Unraveling the History of Headwear

Get ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of the history of headwear. From [...]

The Search for the World’s Greatest Hatmaker

Embark on a captivating journey as we unravel the secrets of the World’s Greatest Hatmaker, [...]

Panama Hat Care & Rolling Guide

Panama Hat Care & Rolling Guide Essential Tips for Hat Maintenance

How a Summer Hat Can Protect You from the Sun

It's time to grab your hats and make them your stylish shield against the heat. [...]

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Hat Sells for £1.5 million

A two-pointed hat once worn by Napoleon Bonaparte was recently sold at a French auction [...]

Kate Middleton Poses in a Fedora for the Cover of Vogue Magazine

How to dress like a grown up: The hat Kate SHOULD be wearing this summer [...]

David Ortiz receives custom Stetson cowboy hat from Astros

The Houston Astros honored David Ortiz’s upcoming retirement with a brief ceremony before Friday April [...]

Cam Newton’s Pharrell-Style Hat Made Quite An Impression At The Lakers-Cavs Game

BY: MATTHEW ROTHSTEIN 03.11.16 Kobe Bryant played against LeBron James for the last time on [...]

The Best Way To Rock a Hat This Spring and Summer

Hats are making a comeback these days and there is no better place than outdoor [...]

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