Top 10 Fedora Hats To Buy

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Top 10 Fedora Hats To Buy

Here is Bernard Hats Top 10 Fedora Hats to Buy…

Who can forget that Vivienne Westwood hat Pharrell Williams wore to the Grammys earlier this year sparking a fashion frenzy and a sudden trend after he countlessly wore them for other numerous events.

Fashions come and go, and fondness for the fedora has come and gone over the years as well. But those who wear fedoras do not do so only for fashion. Fedoras help keep rain off the face, and they also protect the eyes, ears, and neck from the sun, providing important protection against skin cancer. While the fedora is hardly the only hat that serves this protective function, it offers a good compromise between the convenience of a small hat and the coverage of a large one.

Fedora Hat popularity soared as it was prominently featured throughout 1940’s cinema. Stylish fedora hats adorned the heads of movie’s most famous detectives and gangsters, including classic characters like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, the Blues Brothers, and Indiana Jones. Fedora hats continue to grow in popularity today. From classic fur felt fedora hats, to summer straw fedora hats, and Panama Hats, all the way to trendy trilby fedoras, fedoras can dress up nearly any outfit.

Tips for Wearing a Fedora Hat

  • For a more dressed up look, a wool fedora would go perfectly with a suit, be it grey or black one and with small details, it could instantly style-up your look. The fedora is the most practical and smart partner for any suit.
  • For the summer, a straw fedora would go well with summery printed shirts, shorts, a t-shirt or even a nice linen shirt for a refreshing look. Ribbons, badges and even feathers can be found on fedoras in cool bright colours and texture.

There are a few other tips to wear a fedora, like how it should not be too high on your crown or too low till your eyebrows, as a fedora should not be hiding your face (the face is always the main attraction).  You can choose form smaller to larger brims depending on your liking and we suggest not tilting your fedora at a ridiculous angle, a small tilt is just enough.

You are now ready to be crowned with the latest headpiece trend– the fedora!

Here are the Top 10 fedoras you should own now:

1) Stetson – Whippet Fur Felt Fedora Hat, $174, available here.

Fedora hat

2) Brixton Straw Fedora Hat, $42, available here.

Fedora hat

3) Lanvin Black Wool Fedora, $495, available here.

Top 10 Fedora Hats To Buy

4) Borsalino 2 Tone Hemp Stingy Brim Fedora Hat, $340, available here.

Top 10 Fedora Hats To Buy

5) Jaxon Hats C-Crown Crushable Fedora Hat, $40, available here.


6) Borsalino Sisal Fedora, $305, available here.


7) Christy’s London Adventurer/Poet Fedora Hat, £110, available here.

Top 10 Fedora Hats To Buy

8) Brixton Tiller Hat, $54, available here.


9) Diesel Wool Fedora Hat, $150, available here.

Top 10 Fedora Hats To Buy

10) Barbisio Panama Hat, $250, available here.


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