Justin Bieber Wears ‘Sad Cowboy Hat’

Justin Bieber Sad Cowboy Hat
Justin Bieber Sad Cowboy Hat

During a romantic horseback ride with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber wears ‘sad cowboy hat’…

Justin Bieber made sure that his 20 million plus followers were along for the ride.

Posted by: Geeta Entertainment August 30, 2014

Earlier this week, Bieber posted an Instagram video of him covering Cash’s famed ‘Ring of Fire.’ Although it’s extremely unlikely that means the Biebs is eyeing a country music career, it doesn’t stop there. By Thursday, he’d thrown on a cowboy hat to go horseback riding!

He posted numerous photos of his horseback riding trip including one in what the singer called his “sad cowboy hat” and one on the trail with Selena and her horse riding in front of him and also when he back in Canada, it looks like Justin also visites with family.

According to the New York Daily New reports, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and Singer Selena Gomez went off on a romantic horseback ride on Thursday while vacationing together in the Biebster’s homeland.

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