Uncovering the Legacy of Portis Hats

A Journey Through History and Quality Craftsmanship.

Portis Brothers Hat Co.
Portis Hats - Portis Brothers Hat Co.

Portis Brothers Hat Co. was a manufacturer of hats from 1914 until the late 1960’s.

Started by Portis siblings Isadore, Arnold, Theodore, Lyon and Henry the Portis Brothers Hat Co. was based in Chicago and later moved their manufacturing across the lake to western Michigan.

They did a lot of advertising in magazines such as Esquire and Colliers. The quality of their hats was very good and they operated under the the name “Portis Brothers” and “Portis Hats”.

Portis Hats are luxuriously soft because they are felted from the world’s finest hatters furs. Count on them for sturdy, lasting performance!

You can buy all the hats you want, and we’ll bet you’ll want more than one new Portis Smart styles, almost military in their trimness, come in invigorating new shades — Freedom Blue, Cadet Grey, Autumn Brown and Service Tan?

You’ll enjoy the luxurious qualities – these soft felts are made from the world’s finest hatter’s furs?

  • Luxurious – bunny-soft feel
  • Smoother – more expensive looking felt
  • Water-Repellent – finish
  • Sweatproof – interlining…

All adds up to America’s best hat buy!

Portis Brothers Hat Co was taken over by Stevens Hats in the late 1960’s.

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