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Please be aware our custom hats require a 12-14 week delivery time.
Discover the exceptional quality of Bernard Hats Custom Hats, crafted from three unique beaver blends—5X, 20X, and 100X. Each blend comprises different proportions of beaver, rabbit, and felt for added durability and style. The 5X blend features about 5% beaver with rabbit and felt, the 20X is 50% beaver, while the 100X is made entirely from 100% beaver fur. Beaver Fur Felt, known for its dense and virtually waterproof characteristics, is blended with rabbit or hare fur and felt to create a material that significantly outlasts wool felt by 5-10 times. The superior longevity of these custom hats is evident in our vintage collections, which remain in excellent condition even after 60 years. Due to its durability, a fine beaver fur felt or blended fur hat can be reshaped or re-blocked numerous times, establishing it as the perfect material for manufacturing high-quality hats.
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