Vintage Knox New York Fedora Grey Fur Felt Hat

The Best Way to Sell Hats Online

The two best places to sell your vintage hats online are eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace

Probably the easiest place to sell hats would be Facebook Marketplace. As almost everyone has a Facebook account it is quick and easy to list your hats for sale. Another benefit is you are most likely to reach local buyers on Facebook. This means you won’t have to ship the hats as a purchaser is most likely to come and pick them up.

This is a win-win for both the buyer and the seller. A potential buyer can ensure it fits or if it is what they are looking for. As a seller you don’t have to worry about shipping, tracking and returns if it is not what the buyer expected.

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eBay Marketplace

If your vintage hats are extra unique in some way like quite old or high quality you are likely to get a little more by  selling on eBay. You are able to reach a wider audience of collectors or businesses like Bernard Hats who are looking for specific types, brands and quality.

It does require an eBay account so if you do not have one you will have to create one. It will also be your responsibility as the seller to ship the hat to a buyer.

One extra note is eBay is a great place to research the value of your hat. You can search recent sales on your specific style, brand or quality of hat and get a good idea what the value of the hat it.

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Both methods are great ways to sell hats online!