Resistol Fedora Hats were considered the highest quality

Resistol, the largest manufacturer of hats in the world and previously the biggest competitor to Stetson… So much so that Stetson acquired Resistol and both are produced by Hatco.

Resistol Fedora Hats

Resistol stopped making Fedoras in 1968 so the vintage Resistol Fedora’s are some of the best fedora’s to this day. Resistol continue to make the highest quality in cowboy hats.

Resistol Fedora Hats available from Bernard Hats

About Resistol Fedora Hats

The Resistol Hats brand became the greatest name in hats. They acquired a fur cutting plant and built a rough-body plant in Longview, Texas. These acquisitions made Resistol the first and only manufacturer to operate the entire felt hat making process, which includes over 200 processes. By operating all phases of production, they were able to obtain maximum quality control and thereby produce the most consistent and finest hat known the world over.

Demand for Resistol hats continued and today “the small hat factory” is the largest manufacturer of headwear in the world, as a part of Hatco, Inc. All phases of production are still operated and controlled to ensure product of the highest quality.

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