Disney New York Hats

Disney Hats was a hat brand manufactured by Crofut & Knapp, from around 1888 until the late 1930’s

Disney New York Hats

The fascinating history of Disney Hats also known as Disney New York Hats.

Not to be confused with merchandise from the famous entertainment company, Disney Hats have been a staple in men’s fashion since 1885. Originating from the heart of New York City, these hats have changed hands and evolved significantly over the years. Discover the rich history behind the Disney Hats.

Tracing the Legacy of Disney Hats

In 1885, John A. Disney started Disney Hats as a retailer of men’s hats at 196 Third Avenue in New York City.  At some point the company also opened a shop in Times Square, at 42nd and Broadway, and this prestigious location was used in national advertisements.

John Disney ran the company until his death on January 7, 1906.  In July 1909 the company incorporated as Disney Hats, Inc., and was run now run by William Champion as president until his death in 1926.

The Evolution and Ownership of Disney Hats Over the Years

Disney Hats were sold to Hat Co in the 1930s and then A. E. Hodshon Co. took the Disney manufacturing business back. Hodshon was making Disney hats with the Frank H. Lee Company and after Arthur A. Hodshon retired from the company in 1944 the Frank H. Lee Company now owned the Disney brand and were making Disney Hats.

The John B. Stetson Company acquired Lee in 1960, and continued to offer Disney Hats. Disney Hats were offered at least into the 1970s, years after the original Lee and Stetson factories had closed and the brands were licensed out.