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About Christys Hats

Christys Hats has been manufacturing fine hats in England since 1773 through eight generations of the Christy family and across nine reigns of British royals starting with King George III.


Christys HatsChristys’ & Co (Christys Hats – Christys London) is the only company in the world still making high quality top hats and bowlers in the traditional way!

Christys Hats are using hatting skills established over 200 years ago and keeping a valuable British industry very much alive. Today Christys is working with an array of famous designers, providing hats for catwalk collections and customers around the world.

The Christys London brand was established by Miller Christy in 1773 who, following his apprenticeship to a hatter in Edinburgh, created his own company which was to grow over several generations. Christys’ place in history was assured when Prince Albert started wearing the company’s top hats in the 1850s and Christys’ has supplied hats of many styles to members of the royal family ever since.

Christys & Co has amassed years of skills with unparalleled workmanship and individual attention to detail. Today Christys’ offers a collection of men’s hats and women’s hats ranging from traditional to fashion styles with a contemporary edge. Christys’ hats are found in society magazines, on television style programmes, at equestrian events and at the most fashionable of weddings.

Christys Hats supplies bespoke ranges for the military and for police forces, indeed those visiting London will come across Metropolitan police officers smartly dressed in a Christys’ hat. Christys’ hats are found in the best quality outfitters in the world from Liberty in London to Bergdorf Goodman in New York. The large red hat boxes with the “Christys’ London” name embossed in gold are a familiar sight wherever quality hats are sold. Throughout the world when people see a Christys’ hat they know there has been no compromise in quality and that the hat on their head bears the tradition started by Miller Christy in England many years ago.

Today’s hat collection embraces the very best of Christys’ heritage and introduces a sense of fun and high fashion as well as casual day to day hats and caps. Every hat on the Usher OMG World Tour was produced by Christys Hats as were the hats on the catwalk for Kenzo’s 2011 show.

Christys’ & Co Ltd is based in Oxfordshire and has expanded its sales to over 44 countries across five continents, combining time tested hand manufacturing with contemporary science to provide hats of the highest quality. Each hat carries a quality guarantee reflecting the bespoke craftsmanship of Christys’.

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