Beaver Brand Hats

About Beaver Brand Hats

In 1860, the Beaver Brand line of hats was established in St. Louis, Missouri, the fur capital of America.

The Beaver Brand name has endured as a respected part of the hat industry. New Haven, Missouri, has been the home of one of America’s best and most experienced hat production lines since 1928. Second and Third generation hat-makers provide customers with some of the finest felt hats available today. While many companies are moving their production line to foreign soil, Beaver Brand Hats continues its proud heritage of using USA craftsmanship since 1860.

It’s the type of business America was built on but now Beaver Brand Hats that opened in 1860 has shut its doors. 150 years ago, a hat wasn’t just for decoration. It was a necessity. Over the decades, horses turned to cars. But still, Beaver Brand adapted to survive. It made it through the great depression, then thrived during the oil boom.

Beaver Brand shut the doors of a business that once employed about 10% of New Haven. The hats and machines to make them are in the hands of new owners. And a new generation of hatters promises to use these age-old machines to keep the Beaver Brand quality alive. Another manufacturer is picking it up so people across the world will still have the chance to own a Beaver Brand hat.

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