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Dress Hats add style and top off any outfit!

Bernard Hats has a wide selection of Dress Hats in a variety of styles including the Fedora, the Homburg, the Trilby Fedora, the Bowler and Top Hats made with the finest fur felt and wool felts in the world. We carry hats from the most popular brands like Stetson Hats, Resistol Hats, Adam Hats, Knox New York, Borsalino, Beaver Brand Hats, Dobbs Fifth Avenue, Smithbilt Hats and more.

Dress Hats include fur felt hats and wool hats and are great for cooler weather. Dressier Panama hats and pork pies are more appropriate for warmer weather. We offer both types of dress hats for all types of weather. Our dress hat selection also includes fedora hats, homburg hats, trilby hats, bowler hats and even top hats for more formal occasions.