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Custom Hats

Build Your Own Custom Hand Made Hat!

Shop custom hats hand made to your specifications.

We have a great selection of custom hat styles to help you get started then you pick the color, the material and the finish exactly how you want. Our custom hat designs are based on popular hat styles over the years from the turn of the century to now.

Browse our Custom Hat Styles below to get started:

Bernard Hats Custom Hats come in 3 quality beaver blends – 5X, 20X and 100X. 5X is a blend of about 5% beaver with rabbit and felt. 20X is 50% beaver and the 100X is pure 100% beaver fur. Beaver Fur Felt is dense and virtually waterproof and consists of pure beaver or rabbit/hare fur blended with felt to produce a material that lasts 5-10 times longer than wool felt. That is why some of our vintage hats are in excellent condition and are as good as new 60 years later! A fine beaver fur felt or blended fur can be re-blocked and shaped any number of times which is why it is the best material to manufacture high quality hats.
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