Vintage Cowboy Hats

Authentic Vintage Western Cowboy Hats

When it comes to quality you sure can’t beat Vintage Cowboy Hats. That’s not to say that new cowboy hats made today aren’t high quality but it is certainly difficult to produce some of the beaver fur felt from days gone by.

Whether it’s a Stetson, Resistol or one of the other hat companies from the early 1900’s through to the 1960’s it’s no surprise that many of those vintage cowboy hats are still around today because of the quality.

I like a hat with a little history not to mention a little worn in when it comes to a cowboy hat. So if you are lucky enough to find one where the inside in still in great condition or something we like to do at Bernard Hats is replace the inside sweatband and liner then you get the best of both worlds… a vintage hat with a new inside.

Check out our Vintage Cowboy Hats below:

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