The Last Best West

The Last Best West has a great catalog of Custom Made Movie Hats featuring cowboy hats, dress hats, fedoras, ladies hats plus leather and other great cowboy gear.

An old west historian, hatter, leather worker, retailer, and reformed dandy, Longfellow owns and operates The Last Best West. It’s his skill and talent as a designer that first developed and set the standards for their custom hand made hats and leather products, and continues to drive development of new products at The Last Best West.

The Last Best West is the trend setter and at the forefront of a renaissance in cowboy hats and old west values. Not only are their hats bringing back old west spirit but have started a revival of interest and sales of old western movie gems from the 1930s and 40s. And to all the people that keep the Old West alive in performance groups, living history, and SASS participation we wish you all the best for helping us Keep the Faith.

Check out the Last Best West Hats available from Bernard Hats:

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